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Construction project management automatization 

Dedal Construction Project Management Software is a comprehensive platform for the interaction of the investor, property owner, general contractor and subcontractors, as well as full control over construction projects execution.


About us

Dedal Soft is Ukrainian IT-company specialized on construction business automatisation.

Our industry experience is more than 20 years.
We develop efficient solutions for construction, project and development automation.

Why choose us?

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100% Ukrainian product


Modern technologies 

Many years of industry experience 

Software for construction companies - Dedal CPMS

Dedal Construction Project Management Software (Dedal CPMS) is 100% Ukrainian solution for construction company automation.
Software is fashionable to use as service (SaaS) or install on company servers.

The solution is suitable for any size and directions of activity such as:
● Residential building construction● Road construction● Infrastructure construction● Construction of bungalows and townhouses● Project activity
Software can be used us communication platform between participants in the construction process:
● Investors● Property owners● General contractors● Subcontractors● Work executors
What you need to know about Dedal Construction:
● It's based on th a2v10 platform● It's integrated with estimations and BIM software ● It's oriented on integration with any economic software


Dedal CPMS solves such tasks:

Project costs estimates

Workflow calendar planning and replanning

Construction project budget building

Needs in material and non-material resources planning


Operative planning and registration of actually completed works


Planning and accounting of costs in terms of projects

Reporting and plan-fact analysis

CRM for team work with property owners and contractors

Integration with estimating, BIM and accounting software 


Choose the best option for your needs


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Solution for small construction companies that build bungalows, townhomes or specialize on certain types of work.


Solution for investors and property owners.


Solution for general contractors and contractors in large construction projects







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Audit of construction companies: why it is a necessary process for business growth

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Trends in construction 2023

Discover the main construction trends of 2023: automation, sustainability, new technologies and design. Find out how they affect the industry and the future of the construction business.


Project estimate: an important factor in successful construction and cost control

Step by step: instructions for creating a project estimate in Dedal CPMS for budget optimization and cost control in construction.

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  • What is the cost of software?

    Software cost depends on chosen options. You can check information in the Price section.
    Besides software you may need implementation services such as teaching, data transfer from legacy systems, support etc.

  • What does the software price include?

    ● Software distribution
    ● Software installation on customer's server
    ● Documentation and users guides
    ● Video guides

  • I would like to test your software first. How to do that?

    You can get a free 10-day trial. You will need to submit the application on our website or call us and ask for trial access.

  • Is it possible to customise software?

    Software is constantly developing, but still can be customized by our or Customer's team.

  • What about accounting?

    Dedal CPMS is integrable with any economic software.