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Dedal Construction Project Management Software

Dedal CPMS is a single platform for the interaction of the investor, customer, general contractor and construction subcontractors, as well as full control over the execution of construction projects.

Why Dedal CPMS?

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100% Ukrainian product

20+ years of industry experience


Integrates with various software and BIM

Dedal CPMS solves such tasks:

Project costs estimates

Workflow calendar planning and replanning

Construction project budget building

Needs in material and non-material resources planning


Operative planning and registration of actually completed works


Planning and accounting of costs in terms of projects

Reporting and plan-fact analysis

CRM for team work with property owners and contractors

Integration with estimating, BIM and accounting software 

Suitable for different types of construction business


For craftsmen, crews, small construction companies:

● Formation of the project budget● Distribution of work among the Contractors● Formation of Tasks for Contractors● Communication and acceptance of Tasks from the Contractor ● Acceptance of Works by the Customer● Mutual settlements with the Customer and Contractors

For big construction companies, developers:

● Formation of project estimates● Integration with estimating programs and BIM systems● Planning of material and resource requirements● Project budget estimation● Distribution of work between contractors● Exchange of contractual prices and certificates with contractors via DEDAL CPMS● Mutual settlements with Customers and Contractors● Plan-and-fact analysis of projects

Benefits of using Dedal CPMS

  • Reduction of project management time

  • Increased control over project costs

  • Control of project terms

  • Control of the work of contractors

More information about the solution?

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